GET A DRUMMER! Diary of an Unseen Scene…

“Do you think the crowd will care that we make our beats on an iPad?”

-Death By Stars, June 2010

Death By Stars 

When we first started gigging, we had a lot of concerns.  Would the crowd care that we didn’t have a drummer?  Would they boo us for using an iPad?  Could we hang on a bill with a punk band?

After about 10-15 shows, we realized this was silly to worry about.  We were doing something we believed in and the energy transferred to the crowd.  It is simple and amazing.

We soon met other artists who were using electronic beats, atmospheric arrangments, and loops to create their own sound.  Even better, these artists sounded NOTHING LIKE US but our bands fit perfectly on a bill. 

Sooner than later we realized…hey, this is a scene!  Like a real one!  We gotta tell people about this!  But what does one call this scene?  I pose that question to you.  What name would describe this?  You can send your suggestions to or hit me up on Twitter @patrickagalactic.

But for now, allow me to introduce…

Ever So Android

 Ever So Android

If you like the Kills, you probably like ballsy guitar and great female vocals.  Check.  That is where this comparison ends.  ESA Guitarist/loop-maker Drew Murray is fucking insane and seems destined to be one of Seattle’s guitar legends.  The man is a loop-making, songwriting, coffee-drinking lunatic.  Hope Simpson’s voice alternates between broken glass screams and sultry soul, luring the listener into a false sense of calm before blasting them back into reality.  Think Robert Plant as a chick with better hair and no pants stuffing.  The end result is a tilt-a-whirl of bluesy bite with pop hooks, beat box loops, electronica, and God’s honest truth.

Wes Speight

Wes Speight

I don’t listen to the blues much.  Because I find it repetitive.  Because I didn’t grow up on it.  Because…it’s boring to me a lot of the time.  Well it was.  Wes Speight doesn’t care what I think.  He also doesn’t give a shit what you think.  And THAT changed what I think.  Wes Speight plays a different kind of blues.  It’s the kind of blues you might hear in your head on mushrooms when you’re trying to figure out why the colors keep talking.  Loops. Fuzz. Screaming. Crooning.  Reverb.  And the man puts on the best live show in Seattle.  I saw him at The Comet earlier in the year and left prepared to kill for him.  Wes Speight is for real.

 Children of Kids

Children of Kids 

This band makes me smile every time I hear them or hang out with them.  They are fantastic songrwiters, they have the craziest blend of indie-electro and they are the nicest people you could possibly meet.  Also, they are the proud proprieters of CTPAK Records.  They record and release records by people they believe in.  They are all about the art.  I sincerely believe that Madison, Madeline and Richie will be in mix in Seattle for a long time.


Ever So Android –

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Children of Kids –

Death By Stars –

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  1. I can’t deny that the sound of acoustic drums in a live setting is exhilarating- when done well I should say. Using drums for dynamics and power feels more natural. That being said however, acoustic drums aren’t for every style. I get just as amped up listening to DBS as I do listening to a band with solid acoustic drums. It’s the mood the music creates is the key. Programmed tracks are just as moving as acoustic. This scene should be referred to as “DDO”. Digital Drums Only. And depending the specific genre, you can add any other qualifier such as “indie-DDO” or “hardcore screamo DDO”. There is always room for “bluegrass and folk DDO”as well.


    • Hey thank you for the feedback! DDO…That’s a really interesting idea. I have absolutely nothing against acoustic drums, I love a great drummer. But drummers and I historically are mortal enemies! I’m alway telling them to calm down and they are always telling me to stop being a pussy! So DBS was a comfortable medium on that front, haha. Thanks again, take care! And don’t be a stranger!

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